About Us


After nearly two decades in the commercial door industry and building Industrial Door and Dock (IDD) as the most comprehensive commercial door company in North Georgia, IDD added a  residential door division called "A Garage Door Company" in 2012.  

What We Do

We provide the knowledge and communication to the consumer to fulfill their needs.

We are specialists in all facets of the garage door industry. We specialize in customizing the specific needs of each consumer. 

No job is is too big or too small. 

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  1. What materials are garage doors made of?
  2. Why would I choose a wood door?
  3. What are the different types of garage door construction?
  4. How important is insulation in a garage door?
  5. How do I measure for my new garage door?
  6. How do I clean my pre-finished steel garage door?
  7. How do I clean my wood garage door?
  8. How do I paint my pre-finished steel garage door if I want to match my home’s color?
  9. How often should my overhead garage door be serviced?
  10. How long should my garage door springs last?
  11. How do I release the door from the operator so that I can open the garage door by hand?
  12. How do I tell if the garage door spring is balanced properly?
  13. We heard a loud bang in the garage and can not open the garage door. What happened?
  14. While we were closing the garage door something caused the door to stop halfway and now the door is hanging crooked in the opening. What is wrong with the door?
  15. How do I identify the parts of my garage door?
  16. What maintenance should I do on my garage door and opener?
  17. What is the history of garage doors?


  1. How do I select the right garage door opener?
  2. What safety features are important in a garage door opener?
  3. What’s the difference between chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive?
  4. What size motor should I choose?
  5. What does rolling code technology mean and how does it work?
  6. How long does a door opener last?
  7. How often should my door opener be serviced?
  8. How do safety beams work?
  9. Can I turn off or remove the safety beams?
  10. How do I open the garage door when there is a power outage?
  11. How can I program my transmitter or keyless entry?
  12. How does a garage door transmitter (remote) work?
  13. Why does the garage door reverse and open when I try to close it?
  14. Why is the opener running but the door isn’t moving?
  15. Why won’t my garage door open when I press the button?
  16. Why do I have to hold the wall button in to get the opener to close?
  17. Why won’t the remote work?
  18. How do I identify the parts of my garage door opener?
  19. What maintenance should I do on my garage door and opener?
  20. What is the history of garage door openers?


  1. What are the benefits of awnings?
  2. How are awnings energy efficient?
  3. Will awnings reduce my air-conditioning costs?
  4. Will awnings protect my furniture from fading?
  5. What are the factors I should consider when purchasing an awning?
  6. If there are no poles on retractable awnings, what supports the awning?
  7. When would I need a protective hood for my retractable awning?
  8. Why would I want my retractable awning motorized?
  9. If my retractable awning is motorized, how can I operate it if my power goes out?
  10. How is the fabric treated on a Sunesta fabric awning?
  11. How many fabric options are available in the Sunesta fabric line?
  12. How do I care for and clean my Sunesta retractable awning?


  1. How do I select the right garage door dealer?